Children’s Activities

The children’s area specializes in hands-on, interactive activities. Stop by the Children’s Area for interactive games, crafts, mini-concerts, story tellering, dance, magic and much more!

The entire festival is kid and family friendly as well. The music, workshops, crafts, and food apeal to all ages!

Photos: Jerry Weigel

2018 Children’s Area Performers


Bluff Country Tale Spinners

The Bluff Country Tale Spinners storytelling guild promotes the appreciation of the art of storytelling and the development of storytelling skills among its members. Beginner through advanced tellers share stories and receive feedback from members. Story listeners are welcome and needed. The guild meets monthly on the second Thursday of each month at King St. Kitchen and holds the La Crosse Storytelling Festival in Myrick Park, September 8-9, Wisconsin’s only storytelling festival!
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Sat. 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM Children s Area

Jordan Tice

Jordan Tice

Jordan Tice is a fresh voice in the American roots music scene. Born into a bluegrass family in Maryland, Jordan started early, playing bluegrass and fiddle tunes with some of the best players in the fertile mid-Atlantic bluegrass scene. He released his first solo record of mostly original music at the age of 17, and then entered college, where he studied jazz, classical guitar, and musical composition. Read More

Sat. 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM Site B

Parenting Place

Parenting Place - Abby Lee

Abby Lee and her crew from Parenting Place in La Crosse will run an art factory: an open art event for kids and their imaginations. The Parenting Place is a place for all who care for young children. Their resources prepare, strengthen, and support parents and caregivers by creating greater understanding of the impact they have on the lives of children in their care. Through such increased understanding, children will have a positive, supportive, and loving start in life.

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Sun. 11 AM - 12 PM Children’s Area

Michael Scott

Michael Scott

Michael Scott, Storyteller and creator of La Crosse’s Old School Variety Show will host an Old School Variety Show, Jr. Edition, an open microphone and talent show for kids of all ages. Bring your kids to showcase their talents with our open microphone, talent, and variety show!

The Old School Variety Show was developed in the spring of 2007. The show’s creator, Michael Scott, realized that some of his best memories involved simply gathering friends for an evening, sharing stories, and talents. He began to wonder, “Could that intimate, organic form of entertainment be achieved publicly?” He enlisted the talents of musicians Mike Caucutt and Nancy Stoll along with popular local actress Nikki Andrews and the Old School Variety Show was born. The experiment first commenced at The Grand Hotel Ballroom in historic downtown La Crosse. The results were a resounding success. The show goes back to a time when people created their own entertainment. At one time there were no movie theaters, no radio, and no television. Entertainment was always live. On a Saturday night, your family and friends would gather in the parlor and someone would play the piano, someone else would recite poetry, your cousin would play the banjo, and your uncle would do magic tricks. This show recreates that experience. It’s fun, it’s live. . .it’s old school.

Sun. 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM Children’s Area


Nelson Magic (Dan Nelson)

Nelson Magic performs interactive magic for kids and families, combining comedy, storytelling, and audience participation. He has performed in libraries, medical centers, children’s centers, and healthcare and rehab facilities around the Coulee region.

Now living in Trempealeau, WI, Nelson Magic launched his magic career at the 1994 La Crosse Central High School talent show. He set aside magic in 2000 due to health problems. Magic returned to his life in 2014 when he returned to this performing art while attending graduate school in Boston.

See if you agree that Nelson’s magic is both wholesome and fun for those of all ages who really do believe in magic!

Sun. 1 PM - 1:45 PM Children’s Area

Nick Langseth

Nick Langseth of the Amazing Budabi Brothers

Growing up in rural Minnesota without running water, Nick’s family “roughed it” every day! His parents actively attended rendezvous, where he observed a man juggling at one of these events. From there, Nick began juggling and practicing for hours on end. As a teenager, his first “performance” included walking around the rendezvous telling bad jokes and, likely, juggling poorly. Nick’s quick wit mixed with a bit of danger wows audiences across the country!

Nick is one half of the seriously amazing The Amazing Budabi Brothers.

Sat. 1:00 PM -1:45PM Children’s Area
Sat. 4:00 PM - 4:45 Children’s Area

Ted and Catherine Parrish


Viroqua-based Ted and Catherine Parrish began performing as a duo in 2007. Performers of original music, they released their first CD, Live in the Studio Volume One, in 2017.

They are the owners of Parrish Music, a destination folk shop for musicians and fans in the Driftless region. An all-acoustic shop, it specializes in ukuleles and parlor guitars. The Parrishes teach at the store on multiple instruments.

Ted & Catherine Parrish are described by one of their store’s customers as: “warm, kind, knowledgeable” —good qualities to bring to performances as well as their music store.

Sun. 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM Children’s Area

Teri Holford

Currently the Engagement and Curriculum Collection Librarian at UWL’s Murphy Library, Teri focuses on campus and community outreach and runs the children’s collection for the School of Education.

She became a librarian in 2007 when she returned to the U.S. after living as an expat for twenty years in Europe. Teri sees librarianship today as flipping the traditional sense of the library as “place,” instead taking the library out to the user and the user’s needs and interests. She is especially inspired by connecting the dots in any way she can be of assistance, in a librarian’s role, or as a community member. Her current professional passion is connecting with the K-16 community to create and maintain awareness of the vital literacies (information, news, media, digital) that make us all stronger, responsible and committed citizens of our democracy.

The 3 Dads

The 3 Dads

Once upon a time there were three Dads. They played guitars and sang songs. One day they made a recording of the songs they played for all the children to hear and everyone lived happily ever after.

The 3 Dads are popular La Crosse musicians Mike Caucutt, Gregg “Cheech” Hall, and Andy Hughes.

Sun. 12 PM - 12:45 PM Children’s Area

Tom Draughon

Tom Draughon

Born in North Carolina and raised in the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia, there is no finer performer of traditional Appalachian music. A consummate instrumentalist, Tom renders authentic fiddle tunes, banjo songs, flat and finger-picked guitar styles combined with clear vocals to bring the mountains to his audiences. Now living in Northern Wisconsin, Tom Draughon is the owner of and executive producer for Heartistry Music, a record label devoted to music and artists of the Lake Superior region.

He has performed and recorded with Tom Paxton, Bryan Bowers, John McCutcheon, Molly and the Makers, Don Pedi, Randy Sabien, and many others. Recent collaborations include forming and recording the Folk Nouveau trio “Take 3,” recording with Bruce Burnside and Kevin McMullin, singing music from the Voyageurs, and performing at select venues throughout the US, including regular stints as a cast member at Big Top Chautauqua.

Tom’s performances are a cool, brisk, refreshing breeze coming from Lake Superior.

Sat. 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM Site B