2018 Craft Winners

lake Garren

Best of Show:

Lake Garren - Lustrous Beaded Creations

Beaded Jewelry, Trempealeau WI

Guy Kaplan

Crafters’ Choice Award:

Guy Kaplan - Northwoods Penworks

Coloma, WI


Outstanding Design:

Mark Hanson

Hand Carved Wood


Outstanding Design:

Maureen Karlstad, Pierce Hill Pottery

Wheel-thrown, white stoneware, Viroqua, Wi


Each year, the Great River Folk Festival juries in some of the region’s most talented and creative crafters and artisans. The jury chooses quality, original, hand-made craft objects, rooted in the folk arts (but which may have evolved into contemporary forms!). All items are handcrafted by the exhibitor.

Our crafters include potters, wood workers, fiber artists, jewelers, glass workers and others. The work ranges from elegant to whimsical.

Craft Demonstrations

Saturday and Sunday, 11:00 - 4:30, Demonstration Tent

Three Rivers Fiber Guild
Begun in 1986, the Guild’s focus is to educate, teach, and demonstrate weaving and spinning as creative and rewarding art form.

Coulee Region Wood Turnners
Formed in 2001, the Coulee Region Wood Turners meet monthly to share the craft of wood turning in the tri-state area.

Craft Venders

2018 Crafters

Listed by medium:


Michael J. Klen

Laughing Giraffe Caricatures, La Crosse, WI

Using Black Chartpack Marker and Primacolor Color Stix, Michael exaggerates a person's features in a humorous way. He adapt a face or a face with a body to any theme.

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Nancy Horton

Nancy Horton

Woven rugs, Ettrick, WI

Nancy uses wool fiber because of its durability and richness of color. Her rugs are woven on an antique solid oak 1922 rug loom. “I believe the functional items in our daily lives should be works of art.” Excellent quality and unique design partner combine with durability to create fully washable functional art pieces. Nancy also creates hand dyed silk scarves and cotton clothing for adults and children.


Opal Tulpo

Repurposed textiles, felted items, La Crosse, WI


Sue Ptacek

Twined rugs, purses, and more, Arcadia, WI

Sue makes hand carved mushroom sculptures, walking sticks, twined woven rugs and purses and more. All of the work is made by my family, using local wood from their own land. Rugs and purses are made on looms made by Sue‘s husband.

Jim_Schwartzbauer (8K)

Jim Schwartzbauer - Superior Dye Works

Spooner, WI

Jim has been making Tie Dye's for over 20 years.

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Carly Petrausky

Stained Glass, La Crosse, WI

Carly‘s love of glass shows in her fine pieces. She finds inspiration just about anywhere. An interesting pattern on someone‘s shirt or a particular leaf or blossom leads her to think, “How can I make that in glass?” Carly adds funn and whimsical elements to her work while still doing justice to this beautiful medium.

Christian Ptacek Christian Ptacek, Little Bird Studio

Lampwork glass, kaleidoscopes, Centerville, WI

Christian learned how to make stained glass from his mom at an early age. By the time he was 17 he had learned to make glass beads which led to marbles, pendants, and sculptures of glass. Glass has always been in his life. Since 2013 has worked as a full time artist from his Little Bird Glass Studio in Arcadia, WI. littlebirdbeads@yahoo.com

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Herbal & Personal Care


Danielle Maravelas

Good For You Apothecary, Onalaska, WI

Good for You Apothecary specializes in small-batch artisanal self care products, including soy and beeswax hand-poured candles, body lotion bars, lip balm, body scrubs, essential oil rollers, and wellness balms.

“Our products are all made with natural ingredients for a chemical free, no additive option. We never use artificial fragrances or colors, so our products are safe to use on sensitive skin. We try to source our materials locally and regionally to help give back to our local economy. Our materials are also eco-friendly and reusable.”

Good for You Apothecary—Good for you, good for the earth.

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Henna Art

Sandra Berger Henna Art

Sandra Berger

Henna Artist, Viroqua, WI

Henna is a plant that is found in Africa, Egypt, and India. The Leaves of the plant are dried, crushed, turned into a powder form, and then natural oils are added to create a paste. Mehendi is the name of the ancient art form in which the henna paste is applied on the skin to create designs. Henna has been used through the ages for wedding ceremonies and other celebrations within the eastern culture.

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Amanda Spielman


“When I began sewing as a preteen learning to combine texture and color with form into a wearable object was exciting. The skills I learned then became the foundation for the jewelry I create today.

“Later, after happening into a bead store in Berkeley, CA, I was overwhelmed by the possibilities of a new hobby. Bead classes in Palo Alto, CA became a way of life for the next five years. As bead stores became scarce, I began searching for unusual objects to incorporate into my pieces. Working with found objects is especially fulfilling—it’s upscale recycling.”


Cindy Mae Swee, Dakota Mae Design

Lampworked Bead Jewelry, Minneapolis, MN

Cindy Mae Swee finds inspiration for her designs just about anywhere in the natural world. She makes lampworked beads which she enhances with encasing, dichoroic glass, 22k gold, and fine silver leaf.

She combines her beads with metals that she has hammered, torched, and stamped; natural gemstones; Swarovski crystals; quality metals; and a variety of unique treasures she‘s collected on her travels around the US, Europe and the Far East.

She says of her work: “I focus on color and pleasing proportions to create beautiful, wearable and timeless designs.” www.dakotamaedesign.com

lake Garren

Lake Garren - Lustrous Beaded Creations

Beaded Jewelry, Trempealeau WI

Lake Garren makes beadwoven jewelry that is colorful and lustrous. She loves learning new stiches and she loves seeing other people wearing her creations. She enjoys the process of making lustrous beaded creations, considering it her meditation.

When not beading, Lake is a nurse and wellness and diabetes coach. She also plays pickleball, does yoga and TRX, rides bike and plays Mah Jongg. Visit Lake at www. Lustrousbeadedcreations.com.

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Mixed Media

Lisa O Hanlon leaf-earrings

Lisa O’Hanlon

Lisa merges fiber and beads into wearable accessories using colors and textures which rouse emotion and spirituality for the wearer. “I emphasize the nature and integrity of my materials; I try to raise spiritual and self-awareness through my product lines.”


Stephanie Sharp

Ceramics, jewelry, leather accessories, West Salem, WI

Stephanie's goal is to create pieces that bring simple beauty to the world while sharing messages of positivity, inspiration, and encouragement.

Her work is varied to her interest in a myriad of media. Her greatest joy is spending time in her studio, and her best days are those where she can get her hands into some clay, woodburn words into leather to create wrap bracelets or key chains, or paint. The variety keeps her motivated and her work unique.


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Maureen Karlstad, Pierce Hill Pottery

Wheel-thrown, white stoneware, Viroqua, Wi

Maureen’s pottery is wheel-thrown white stoneware fired in an electric kiln.

“I strive to make everyday objects that are beautiful and functional in equal measure. The process of working with clay is meditative and challenging, humbling and gratifying. I am grateful for my work and for being able to share it with others.”

Visit Maureen online at Pierce Hill Pottery: www.piercehill.net

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Guy Kaplan

Guy Kaplan - Northwoods Penworks

Coloma, WI

Guy has been hand turning wooden pens, pencils, key chains, bells, letter openers, and magnifiers for 7 summers.

View his creations at www.northwoodspenworks.com.

LarryGrenie_small (15K)

Larry Grenie

L&J Heritage Toys, Ellsworth, WI

Larry creates wood transportation toys—trucks, cars, trains—for many hours of fun for children. He also constructs rocking chairs, 3-D animals, small school desks, small bridges, flower pot holders and wood planter boxes.

“Little did I know about my real father—that he had his own sawmill in a small village called Tavera, WI. He owned 1200 acres of woodland, built parts for wooden wagons, and built houses in Tavera. So it seems it is in my blood to come to know how to build wood toys. I have now been in this business for 23 years. I design a lot of my own toys and ideas, sanded to a smooth finish and put together with tight bond glue. My son and my sister help with the business. I hope you will enjoy our toys as much as we enjoy building them.’ Larry, Sherry, and Justin


Mark Hanson

Hand Carved Wood

Mark is a woodworker/woodcarver who specializes in unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

"I prefer woodcarving and like to work with unusual pieces of wood that I find myself. The wood speaks to me, and if I listen closely enough, I can find the beauty inside."

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