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Songa - comprised of Mario & Sherry Friedel.

Mario was produced and published by Buzz Cason, Creative Workshop Studio, Nashville, TN and signed to Universal Records in 1971 as a member of White Duck, Jimmy Buffet’s first Coral Reefer Band, in the “way back days.”

In addition to Jimmy Buffet, Mario has shared the stage with John Hiatt, the Allman Brothers, Dr. John, Don Kloetzke, Nashville songwriters Keith Duke, Phillip Russell, Wisconsin blues great, Howard “Guitar” Luedtke, and award-winning Wisconsin jazz artists Janet Planet and Tom Washatka.

Sherry is a performer, vocal music educator, church music director, and co-producer of children’s recordings Cancionetas and Wisconsin Integrated Student Creations, Volumes 1 and 2. Mario and Sherry’s cd The Gift is a collection of original Christian songs released in 2004.

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