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Tim Jenkins

I became involved in teaching/calling/playing for "Barn Dances" ever since my first trip to North Carolina's Fiddler's Grove Music Festival in 1973. The event was an eye-opening experience for me in terms of people making their own music and fun, including the dances. I have made many trips to the Appalachian Region to learn from the Mountain people. Over the years, others in the upper Midwest have helped form regular dances and festivals dedicated to integrating live music with the dance. I have had the good fortune and opportunity to be involved with the origins of the Duluth Minnesota Tamarack Dance, the Door County Wisconsin Sugar on the Floor dance series, and the Decorah Iowa Contra Dance Series. In addition, I have led Calling Workshops for each of these venues, and for other groups as well. I love dance music - I play the fiddle in a couple of dance bands, I am an avid dancer myself, and I have the conviction that dancing and playing for dances are healthy endeavors for anyone who wants to try it out. I have called dances all over the USA and look forward to calling at Folk Fest!

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