Great River Folk Fest


Grammy winner Bill Miller is featured at Sunday’s Closing concert. He will also appear Saturday and Sunday in daytime workshops

Weekend Schedule Posted

Vist our Schedule Page.

Concert Line-ups Set

Friday, Aug. 25, 7:00 p.m. Riverside Park

Saturday, Aug. 26, 5:00 p.m. Riverside Park

Sunday, Aug. 27, 4:00 p.m. Riverside Park

2017 Songwriting Contest Is On!

The 12 finalists have been selected and evited to perform their original songs on Sunday. See the finalists on our Contest page.

Friday Night Concert Performers Set

Steel City Jug Slammers

Steel City Jug Slammers is a modern jug band performing Pre- WWII and original material. The Birmingham, Alabama band was started 2012 and consists of Ramblin' Ricky Tate, Washtub Jay, & Maxwell Honeycup. Since forming the band has has become known for their jug band antics. Performing a catalog of classics and originals, the Steel City Jug Slammers brings the sounds on the 78 RPM era to life.

The band continues a tradition of jug band music that is highly influenced by the sounds of early Memphis string band and blues. Instrumentation in the band varies. While the guitar provides the pallet for the songs, it is carried by the back bone of the washtub bass and jug. On top of that you will hear anything from banjo- mandolin to banjo- guitar and maybe even a little kazoo.

Kind Country

Kind music for kind people. Kind Country is a Minneapolis based bluegrass jam band that plays American standards as well as their own brand of Cosmic American music. Since their formation in 2012, the band has focused on creating live performances with high levels of improvisation and energy gathering with a goal of creating a moment of musical bliss that can be shared by audience members and band alike.

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Watch for the 2017 Raffle

Prizes include:

Raffle tickets will be available at the Fest, at Wrench and Roll Collective, and at various Fest-related events throughout the summer.

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Scenes from 2016.
Riverside Park, La Crosse

WoodCarvers_JWeigel_ff8 LakeGarren_JWeigel_ff36 Steitz_JWeigel_ff25
Coulee Region Wood Carvers (left); Jewler Lake Garren (center); Sarah Streitz (right). Photos: Jerry Weigel
BestWayGyros_JWeigel_ff33 AllenKizziah_JWeigel_ff37
Best Way Gyros (left); Allen Kizziah—Al's Comic Boxes (right). Photos: Jerry Weigel
JohnGorka_IMG_1956Stuber_ PaulCebar_IMG_1902Stuber_
John Gorka (left); Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound (right). Photos: Bob Stuber
Contest_JWeigel_ff46 Childrens_JWegel_FF56 PaulCebar_IMG_1896Stuber_
Songwriter Contest Performer (left); Children's area (center). Photos Jerry Weigel. Paul Cebar (right). Photo: Bob Stuber
Patchouli_IMG_1868Stuber_ Sunday_IMG_1939Stuber_
Patchouli (left); Sunday's Closing Concert (right). Photos: Bob Stuber