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parking information

1.   Harborview One, on State Street, between 2nd Street and Front Street, across from the Charmant hotel. 
2.  If that lot is full, turn right on Front Street and go 2 blocks.  You can park in the lot on the right with the sign "Private Parking Only" and "CenturyLink". 
3. There is also a lot of street parking on Front Street. 
4. There is parking at the International Garden lot, which is at the end of the road that loops the park (E Veterans Memorial Drive).
5.  Consider biking!  We will have a bike rack, or check out the Drift rental service


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Don't Forget!

Everything you need for a great weekend!

  • IF YOU BOUGHT YOUR TICKET ONLINE:  All you need to check in is your name and ID.  If you have your email confirmation, that can help ease the check in process, but is not necessary for entry

  •  blanket or chair to sit on  (some seating will be available). NOTE: we will have less seating provided than previous years!

  • A refillable water bottle

  • Sunscreen and a hat

  • Bug Spray

  • A refillable pint cup for beer 

  • Some kids you love (What the heck, 15 and under are free!)

  • Money to buy art, food, drinks, merch

  • Your Vintage Folk Fest T 

  • Alternative transportation:  Can you walk, ride a bike, or carpool? 

  • Find a place for your dog because they are NOT allowed at GRFF (Sorry!)

  • Your instrument (impromptu jam session!)

  • And last, but not least: Peace, Love, and Happiness


In case of inclement/hazardous weather
Festival will move to:

Cavalier Theater
118 5th Ave N, La Crosse
Check facebook and email for updates

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