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Dan Berger’s Songwriter Corner

Dan Berger is a hero to many people in the La Crosse, Wi area and beyond. Growing up in the La Crosse area and sharing his style of music with no strings attached (except for the maybe paying it forward deal, Dan cared about music and professed his love for it. After a few years in Nashville touring with Tom T Halls Band, Dan returned home in 2000 and started a gig called Dan Berger's Songwriters Corner. It is held at Leo and Leona's just outside Bangor, WI. It attracts song writers from all around the surrounding area, and I'm sure a few Nashville cats to boot.

Dan passed away March 21, 2022. Dan was what many would call a heavy hitter in the music world. Not wanting this unique collaboration to end, longtime friend Rick Thompson took over the reins last year. Rick & Dan worked together some 45 years ago in St. Charles, and now here they are hooking up again further down the road.

"Every song on this planet was written by someone. Without these music lovers and songwriters it would be a barren place" - Dan Berger.

Join host Rick Thompson and plethora of talented songwriters as they share their wordsmithing of song in honor of Dan Berger.

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