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Guess Pre

Nearly two decades into the music game, Gregory Stanton, known professionally as Guess Pre, has become a genre-defying, multifaceted artist. Guess Pre took the Midwest music scene by storm and quickly established himself as one of the top MCs in both the local and regional scenes of Southwestern Wisconsin. It was in those early days that Guess sharpened his live freestyle skills by doing rap battles, showcases, and tirelessly gigging. Upon the formation of RoomMates, Guess solidified his spot as midwest rap royalty. RoomMates, featuring friend and frequent collaborator, Taco Destiny, went on to become an extremely popular live hip-hop group from 2010-present. Pivoting this success from both his solo mixtapes and RoomMates, Guess Pre released his now underground classic album, Brain Matters, in 2015 to solid street cred and notoriety. Guess Pre is a remarkable, one-of-a-kind artist. Each performance showcases his unique and versatile background that pulls inspiration from art, culture, and music. The edgy growl from his past punk and metal days can easily give way to smooth and intricate rhymes that put a twist on life and melody. Constantly searching and surrounding himself with art and artists, Greg is an outstanding tattoo artist and painter as well as an accomplished instrumentalist and vocalist.

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